Home of the Bixie Legend.

Beautiful LED mirrors available now from the Qijia Market.


Bathroom, bedroom, dinning room and hall, mirrors add light and sparkle to you environment.


Benefits of LED Mirrors.


Quite apart from their beauty and glamour LED mirrors can:


  • Provide safe and cost effective lighting in dimly lit places.
  • Make a small space look larger.
  • Many have built in magnification.
  • Add color to a room, (most are available in any color you choose.)


We do more than just mirrors!


The Bixie Legend is a mythical tale of three friends. Follow our characters Taria, Twilie, and Flix on their magical adventures, and help us help the Snow Leopard.


As of October 2016 the nos of Snow Leopards in the World are estimated to be between 3500 and 7500. In other words they are on the brink of extinction.


$1.00 from the sale of every Bixie Legend Merchandise item will be donated to The Snow Leopard Trust.


(Check out snowleopards.org to see the work they do.)